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How an Imperfect World Produces Unconditional Love

NOTE: Today we continue our four-part series by philosopher Fr. Robert Spitzer addressing the question, "Why Would God Allow Suffering Caused by Nature?" Instead of focusing on the existence of moral evil, or suffering caused by the free choice of humans, he examines why an apparently good God would create an imperfect world replete with natural disasters, physical disabilities, and unavoidable heartache.     In philosophy, agape is one of the highest forms of love. For our... Read More

Atheists More Motivated By Compassion Than The Faithful?

The title for this article was swiped, word-for-word, from a┬áLive Science press release. This is important because the point I wish to make has to do with how the press and publicity treat papers. HotAir.com featured another headline concerning the same paper: "Confirmed: Atheists more motivated by compassion in charitable giving than believers are". Now pause and consider just these two headlines, the only words of a story likely to be read by most folks. What would your conclusion be?... Read More