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How the Blessed Mother Can Answer All Those Prayers

Skeptics have long objected to Catholicism on grounds that it is obvious that the Blessed Virgin Mary, if real, could not possibly hear and answer all those hundreds of millions of prayers addressed to her personally every day by faithful Catholics and many other Christians. Given that we can barely concentrate on but a single question at a time, this objection seems, on its face, impossible to answer rationally. This element of Catholic belief seems simply absurd. Still, there exist several possible explanations as to how this central element of Catholic spiritual practice can be true. These explanations may also... Read More

Presentism and Infinite History

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” While the world definitely... Read More

Using the Kalaam Argument Correctly

In recent years, one of the most popular arguments for the existence of God has been the Kalaam... Read More

Traversing an Infinite?

God created the universe a finite time ago, but there’s a question of whether we can... Read More

What’s Wrong with the Countdown Paradox?

Sometimes defenders of the Kalaam cosmological argument defend its second premise... Read More

Did God Command Genocide in the Old Testament?

The heart and foundation of Christianity is belief in a God who is worthy of worship:... Read More

What Science REALLY Says About the Soul (& Life After Death)

If you’re not following the debates on all things scientific and religious, it’s easy... Read More

Are Fine-Tuning Arguments for God (or the Multiverse) Circular?

In a recent video, theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder argues that design arguments... Read More

Is There a Link Between Atheism and Skepticism?

There is a popular notion that doubt and skepticism are specially linked to atheism.... Read More

How Thomists View the Modern Sciences

Debates concerning the existence of God typically run aground on prior unresolved metaphysical... Read More

The Flatlander’s Argument Against Miracles

In a Pentecost sermon that was later published as the essay “Transposition,” C.S.... Read More