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(Video) Interview with Atheist Blogger Bob Seidensticker

Bob Seidensticker Interview2

Bob Seidensticker is a popular atheist blogger at Patheos whose blog is titled "Cross Examined". There he critiques intellectual arguments for of Christianity from an atheist perspective. He wrote a guest post recently at Strange Notions titled 10 Reasons to Just Say Nay to the Naysayer Hypothesis.

After graduating from MIT in 1980, Bob designed digital hardware and worked at a number of technology companies from a 10-person startup to Microsoft and IBM. After that, he began to focus more on writing. His book Future Hype: The Myths of Technology Change (Berrett-Koehler, 2006) explored how we see technology and how it really works.

His more recent book, a novel titled Cross Examined: An Unconventional Spiritual Journey, offers a fictional look at some of the important questions dividing believers and atheists.

Today, Bob sits down with me to discuss the reasons that led him to atheism, his recent 40-day prayer experiment, and what readers can expect to find in his novel.

Note: We had a shaky Skype connection so the quality is a bit grainy. It shouldn't be too unbearable, but if it is feel free to just download the audio. Also, despite much practice, I mispronounced Bob's last name at the beginning. Mea culpa!

Watch or download our interview below:



Watch the video here (10 minutes)


Download the interview here (10 minutes)

Topics Discussed:

1:09 - What led you to becoming an atheist?
2:36 - What arguments against Christianity did you find most compelling?
3:37 - What were you hoping to discover during your 40-day prayer experiment?
6:28 - What will readers find in your novel, Cross Examined?

Bob Seidensticker Interview

Follow Bob's blog at Cross Examined and find him on Twitter at @CrossExamined.

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