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Qu Quine


Qu Quine lives in the San Francisco Bay area where he is semiretired from a long career in the high technology sector of Silicon Valley. That career having interrupted his study of Philosophy from an early age, he now spends much of his time catching up. Follow his blog at Quine's Queue.


Straw Man Scientism

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Today's guest post is from atheist blogger Qu Quine who writes at Quine's Queue. Qu is also a frequent commenter here at Strange Notions. After reading this post, be sure to read the reply by Catholic contributor Dr. Chris Baglow: "Scientism vs. Methodological Naturalism: Responding to Qu Quine".   As an atheist, I've had to get used to being accused of "Scientism" in my online discussions with religious people. It also came up very early on while walking with my missionary... Read More