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Philip Lewandowski


Philip Lewandowski is a first year seminarian in formation for the priesthood at St. Mary Seminary in the Diocese of Cleveland, OH. He spent much of his time before entering the seminary in the music world as a live audio engineer, which greatly influenced his love of the arts. Through study and prayer he has developed a passion for walking with others on the intellectual and spiritual journey that comprises this life.


Irreconcilable Differences: The Divorce of Materialism and Truth

According to many today, the advance of the natural physical sciences continues to shrink the “space” for God. The “gaps” where someone can place God are decreasing, and therefore the “God hypothesis” will one day be swallowed whole by the progress of the scientific endeavor. Even more, the “space” where one could posit the human person as something more than just a complex, organized collection of matter and energy is said to have disappeared. While I find a materialist metaphysics... Read More