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Martin Dober


Martin Dober is in his second year of studying theology at St. Mary Seminary, where he is being formed for priesthood in the Diocese of Cleveland. He enjoys reading, being outdoors, and journeying in faith with Catholic youth. Above all, he seeks to know and love Jesus Christ better and strives to meet the challenge of daily becoming more like Him.


Reason’s Bunker: The One-Sidedness of the Modern Mind

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St. Justin Martyr, a second century philosopher and Christian apologist, once reflected that Platonic philosophy added “wings” to his mind.1 He was referring to the way that Plato’s theory of ideas freed his reason, allowing his thoughts to rest not just upon the sensible things of this earth, but rather permitting him to contemplate the unseen yet essential realities that undergird and give meaning to all of existence. Justin is a witness to the way that truth can lift our minds and let... Read More

Why You Should Do Something Today Other than Read this Blog

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If you’ve ever taken a walk in a suburban neighborhood on a pleasant fall or summer evening, an amazing sight is almost certain to greet your eyes. As you stroll along the streets of Suburbia, USA you’ll become aware of the astounding reality that you are almost entirely alone on the street as you walk. Further, as the sun sets, the glow of another light source starts to become more noticeable. You will see waves and flashes of multicolored light streaming forth from the living room windows... Read More