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Brian Green Adams


Brian Green Adams (pseudonym), is a labour and human rights lawyer living in Toronto. Brian has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in theatre from York University and is the author of three plays. He has a Bachelor of Law from the University of Ottawa and has been an active litigator for the last ten years. Brian blogs about freedom of religion and religious apologetics, and co-hosts the atheist podcast "A Salmon of Doubt." He is co-founder of the Atheist Community of Toronto. Brian enjoys gardening, woodworking and listening to records, in addition to discussing and debating life, the universe, and everything.


Why the Problem of Evil Makes God Unlikely

Editor's Note: There has been rising interest in the "problem of evil" in our comment boxes, and many atheist commenters requested a stronger engagement with the so-called "evidential" version of that argument. So today, atheist commenter Brian Green Adams offers a defense of that version. On Friday, Catholic writer Trent Horn will offer a critique.   Among the most popular reasons cited for atheism is the “Problem of Evil”. Like most positive atheist arguments it is not a complete argument... Read More