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Sympathy for the Borg

The idea of the mystical body of Christ has always been one of great interest to me, as there was always something about it at odds with the mentality in which I was raised: "Be yourself", etc. was (and remains) the mantra of the day, and the whole idea of being but a single part of something larger did not always sit well. I remember being a ten-year-old watching as the Borg stripped Captain Picard of his identity and "assimilated" him into their collective (his pronoun "I" replaced with "we").1 And of course the Borg were an enemy to be resisted. Years later, I recall reading Ayn Rand's Anthem (1938) and slowly realizing... Read More

Are We Living in the Matrix?

On Monday, the New Yorker suggested that “the bizarre finale to Sunday night’s Oscar... Read More

Stephen Colbert vs. Ricky Gervais: The Late Show Atheism Debate

On February 1, comedian Ricky Gervais appeared on CBS’s The Late Show where he and host... Read More

Do Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence?

Too often people have a parrot-like propensity to be seduced by a catchy saying, hold to it,... Read More

The Most Famous Debate on the Existence of God

On January 28, 1948, the BBC brought together two of the century's brightest minds for a... Read More

Book Giveaway (5 Copies) – “An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar”

Thanks to the generosity of the publisher, today we're giving away FIVE copies of the a great... Read More

Would God Create Perfect Creatures? – A Christian/Atheist Dialogue

EDITOR'S NOTE: Today we share a conversation between Randal Rauser and Justin Schieber. Randal is... Read More

I was an Atheist Until I Read “The Lord of the Rings”

I grew up in a loving, comfortable atheist household of professional scientists. My dad was... Read More

Strange Notions is the #4 Ranked Atheist Blog on the Internet!

I was alerted this morning that Strange Notions was just listed among the "Top 30 Atheist... Read More

What Has Christianity Ever Done for the West?

As Christmas and the holiday season draw near, it is time to take a pause and think deeply... Read More

The Philosophical Landscape of “Westworld”

At the halfway point of HBO’s unsettling new series Westworld – a J.J. Abrams reboot of... Read More