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What Questions Do You Have for Catholics and Atheists?


Today we're excited to introduce a new initiative at Strange Notions, and we need your help! We call it the "Two Views" Series. Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Submit Questions

In the comment box of this post, we invite you to ask a specific question you would like answered by both a Catholic and an atheist. The question should be limited and original. Nobody is going to be able to answer the question "Does God exist?" or "Is Christianity true?" in a short article. Instead, the questions should be more like "Should we teach religious truths to children?" or "Is religious experience valid, subjective evidence for God?" The questions are best framed with a Yes/No approach.

You're also welcome to pose questions that only atheists or only Catholics can answer. For example, two atheists could square off on "Do objective moral truths exist? or two Catholics could respond to "Can philosophy prove the universe had a beginning?" If you prefer your question be asked by two atheists or two Catholics, just note that alongside your question.

Finally, if you would like a specific person to answer your question, include his or her name and we'll do our best to accommodate the request.

Step 2 - Vote on Your Favorite Questions

Here's the important step. Vote for your favorite questions by clicking the "up" arrow underneath the comment that contains it. This will "vote up" the question and tell us it's a popular one. We'll assume that the more votes a question receives, the more are people interested in it. We'll keep the voting open for one week.

Step 3 - Invite Catholics and Atheists to Respond

After a week of voting, we'll then select a handful of the highest-voted questions and pose them to top Catholic and atheist thinkers, based on their area of expertise. Each respondent will offer a short article in reply (roughly 750-1,000 words), and we'll post the two responses side-by-side for all of us to read and discuss.
So with all that in mind, please leave your questions in the comment box below! (Feel free to submit more than one question, but only submit one question per comment so we can vote on them individually.)



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