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Science and Faith: Two Paths of Knowledge

Two paths

Catholics acknowledge many paths which the human mind can traverse. One of those paths, the one that leads to knowledge of the natural universe, is called natural science, and another, the one that leads to knowledge of God and spiritual realities, is called faith. Both paths can be described as “thinking with assent.” That is, both are the use of reason by which one reaches a conclusion about reality—“thinking.” And both of them involve an assent to truth, an insight about... Read More

The Alleged Conflict Between Science and Faith (Video)

Fr. Andrew Pinsent

Physicist and priest Dr. Andrew Pinsent exposes one of the great myths of our time, that science and faith cannot support each other. Father Pinsent is Research Director of the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion at Oxford University as well as holding a number of theological posts. He has completed research at CERN the world famous research centre in Switzerland and holds doctorates in particle physics and a degree in theology and a doctorate in philososophy. This presentation... Read More

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