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Michael F. Flynn


Michael F. Flynn is an award-winning science fiction writer born in Easton, Pennsylvania. He began selling short fiction in 1984, rapidly becoming one of the leading lights in the magazine Analog. Since then he's published several novels including Firestar (Tor, 1996) and Eifelheim (Tor, 2007), which was a Hugo Award finalist in 2007. Follow Michael at his blog, The TOF Spot.


St. Christopher, ET, and the Middle Ages

It has long been held that the medievals would have been terrified of aliens, regarded them as "demons," and otherwise persecuted them in their religious ignorance and fanaticism, while we wise moderns would recognize them as intelligent and equivalent to humans, deserving of the same consideration as humans. The latter is a self-flattering mythos, but likely no more true than the former. For illumination, we might turn to the well-known science-fiction novel, Eifelheim, but this too may be regarded... Read More

Adam and Eve and Ted and Alice

John Farrel recently wrote a column at Forbes.com entitled "Can Theology Evolve?", quoting from an epistle of Jerry Coyne: "I’ve always maintained that this piece of the Old Testament, which is easily falsified by modern genetics (modern humans descended from a group of no fewer than 10,000 individuals), shows more than anything else the incompatibility between science and faith. For if you reject the Adam and Eve tale as literal truth, you reject two central tenets of Christianity: the Fall of... Read More